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online gift certificates/account credit?

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I'm confused about what options are available to me in order to achieve what I'm after, so I thought I'd ask if anyone had any insight/assistance they could offer.


I ultimately want to be able to allow customers to put money on their account...either by buying gift certificates or by some other way. I have an old version of CCGV installed currently (5.06), and I swear I've seen people SAY they can do what I'm talking about with CCGV, but I don't see how when I'm looking in my admin panel. Perhaps they're talking about another version, or even another contrib (looks like there's some similarly-named contribs...and I've also sensed a bit of chaos/confusion regarding CCGV's development after a few days of searching these forums). I DO see a place in my admin panel to create coupon codes, but that obviously won't help accomplish what I'm after.


Is there perhaps some settings somewhere that I'm missing? Can I, at the very least, sell gift certificates with this contrib, and I simply haven't figured out how? Is there another contrib I could install that would solve the problem without conflicting with what I've already got installed?


Any and all help would be most welcome!

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