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Authnet Sim problems

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My problem is, we do not want to use AIM and store customers credit information. we do not want the customer inputing his credit card info directly on our site. Thats why we want to use SIM so it stores that information on authorize.net. My problem is the order is not being placed in osc. i get to the reciept page, i enter credit card info and it process it, i get an email with the details. after processing it returns me to the login screen. i have the check_out process in both fields for relay and response. anything else i get an error "invaild response link url". I tried the AIM just to see and it does the same thing. everything in here is more directed to workarounds not using SIM. all the post i have read on here i have tried, no seem to work properly for me. WHERE IS THE EASY BUTTON??


any ideas on how to get it to post properly in SIM and return the the checkout success page?

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