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Incomplete invoice with PWA

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Although the 'Pay Without Account' contribution appeared to be working perfectly I have recently noticed that all invoices for PWA purchases are missing some information.


The phone number, email address, order number, date, payment method and product ordered are all present. However, the billing and shipping addresses are both missing. This is not the case for products bought through normal customer accounts.


I have checed my MySQL 'orders' table and all information is present (apart from the 'customers country' 'delivery country' and 'billing country' columns ...filling these in manually does not seem to remedy the situation).


If anyone has any ideas please let me know!



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Yep yep ...all is now good.


After using a file compare program I discovered that I had one extra bracket in my modified code in includes/classes/order.php. Exactly how this got there I do not know. I should imagine someone put it there to annoy me.


Alternatively I could just be stupid.

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