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looking for Stock management contrib

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Hello people,


I've looked around but can't find any contribution that may do the job


I'm preparing my 3rd order since I've sold many items from my store and I'm facing even more difficulties than the 2nd order:


1. I've various providers, each of them has a comprehensive number of different articles. When ordering, I've to know wich items are still on stock, wich have been sold and wich have been never ordered. There is actually no way to know all this informations and also let me fill a "order" list directly in OScommerce.


2. Being a starting business, I've to keep stock as low as possible. I've often only 1-2 ref. of articles in stock, being able to re-stock quite quickly. So I let people order even if there is not enough stock for an article. I would also see this information on the restock page, as this is a compulsory information I've to keep somewhere to reorder the correct references since they are already payed.


So if there is a contribution or a close one I may improve, please let me know (I'm quite confortable in PHP/MySQL).

I've to know for every article for every provider:

Reference + title item, sold item, how many left in stock, ordered item (wich have not been sent yet), and a way to set the item I'd like to order.


I thank every person being able to help me.


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