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Altering Look of oscommerce website?

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How do i alter the look of my website so its a colourful website, but still be a free OSCommerce website. I would like to have the search box inside of a picture on the website. The categories names larger but with a pictury professional look to them. A border going around the entire page joining in with the logo, looking professional still. The shopping cart i require to change to a quote cart, sending the information to me at which point i notify with consultation with delivery companies the price of delivery to the consumer. A few things such as languages and currencies wont need to be displayed as it will only be displayed as English and Australian Dollars. An advertisement would be nice to have near the logo at the top of the webpage, still following the professional looking theme. Majority blue & red, logo is blue text. Reviews and specials may be going too from the sides of the oscommerce website. I know im trying to ask for a lot i just want a really professionally looking website for my business, which sells computer supplies to the residents of Australia.


Sadly due to very bad sales due to no one finding my website, i have no money so im asking how do you alter the website to similar to what i have said? What programs? I am willing to learn and try, all hints and help are greatly appreciated. Any pre-made templates or contributions which may help with this would also be helpful and greatly appreciated.


Many thanks in advance


Travis Knight


P.S. I know my english skills are bad so if u need to ask me any questions to help me just ask and I will try and answer them.

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Ok, here what you need:


  1. addons.oscommerce.com - The MOTHER of making your osc site cool. Search for a couple of things that you mentioned above and you'll be surprised as to what you will find
  2. I totally missed if you had any php/html/css etc. experience. You need some of that to get started if you want to edit osc. If you already have even MINOR knowledge of the 3 languages i just mentioned, you're good
  3. Search on this forum! So much information on it that can help you in what your looking for!
  4. the admin section is your BEST friend. at least two of the things you stated below can be resolved in your admin section


and if you need any help, just PM me, I'll be glad to help!


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