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Paymentech / Chase Orbital & Pre-authorization

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I'm setting up an OSCommerce site for a client who has a chase merchant account. I have a few simple questions.


a ) Does the paymentech module support pre-authorization (rather than charging right away)? (If so, how do I enable this, or is this the default?)

b ) With the chase virtual terminal merchant account, do I need any other services to get oscommerce+paymentech.php to work?

c ) Is there any difference if the merchant is in Canada?


Please let me know.



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I'm in the process right now of running certification testing of the Paymentech contribution with Chase. I think your pre-authorization would be handled by setting the module to do just Authorize, but as far as that goes, the module cannot perform returns, voids, or anything other than Authorize and Authorize/Capture. You could easily have them use the Orbital virtual terminal with their merchant ID for those type of transactions. In fact, I don't see any transaction types you can't perform there.


As to your second question, maybe not, although others here may say you do. In testing, I'm seeing transactions appear in their Orbital Virtual Terminal, and they appear to be successful.


I don't know about working in Canada, but I'm sure the Orbital Tech Support at 1-866-645-1314 could answer that.


I would heartily recommend getting a test Merchant ID when you're beginning this.



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