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is it possible cross buy and sell between the customers

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i have installed customize os-commerce with the add-Ons contribution CAP 1.4.3.zip...


and able to maintain lots of things like...


no need to approve the upload files from the customer from the admin side...customer have own right to manage those files



if the product which has 0 price can easily download from products_info.php files....only condition is that he needs to be the registered user


and if the price > 0 then to download that product he needs to go through the cart process


yeah everything working


now i have a problem please listen me and suggest me properly..


the product which is download from the customer side that product holds the customer_id...means belongs to the customer only



using oscommerse site if someone order for that product then admin takes the money...


now the product order needs to go to the customer himself since it belongs to him only not the admin...


so tell me how to manage those cross buy and sell between the customers...in oscommerce site...without interpretation of admin


for any suggestion


you will be granted


with best regards



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