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I instaled Page Editor and everithing went fine. When editing and uploadig files, I have seen that only 3 languages were defined, and thought tat you should go ther, after instaling everithing to add more languages, as my site has 6 languages. I even seen that this file had English as language 1, and there was german and maybe dutch on the other 2 languages.

My problem: I cant find it anymore, and ony have the page editor fully functional on admin, and partially functional on storefront. english, Deutch and Portuguese are fine, but French, Spanish, Italian not (the ones not defined on the misterious file, I guess)...

So, in these languages, Shipping, contitions and privacy disapear, and also the main text on home page (wich is the most important to me).

Can ayone help me to find it, or know what the solution to the problem is?

My store: www.crossedcrafts.com

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Just found it!

It was on sql file.

I just need to add the missing languages to the table, and corresponding pages - home - shiping, etc.


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