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Please help a Newb....

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I dont know how to change the layout of my home page. ...

I want to get rid of my products on my home page ( the product images inside the "new products for july" and just have a image link again to my hompage instead..

(This is an example of how I like my website to kind of look like www.bebe.com )


I tried to play around my index.php but the page came up as error after I changed it ( good thing I back it up)

I know this is probably easy but i just cant figure it out.....Someone please help!!!


Thanks a million

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This is is a professionally designed shop template. If you do not have the skillset to develop such then search online for OSCommerce Skins. There are many choices to select from. Depending upon your skillset, there will be a fee for a basic template or more advanced design revisions will be cost extra.

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