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Feedback on look & feel

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Where in the page do I add that code? It is html at this point.


Breaking code.... one website at a time.

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if the whole of the page is in HTML, take that code, all of it - echo it in the bit where I've said 'code here'. You'll have to add <?php to the top and ?> of the code snippet. Make sure you add some content for the search engines to look at. save the whole lot as index.php (or default.php if that's what your server uses) and delete the html original from the server - as a regular user, you should be seeing the entry page, but as a search engine, you would be seeing your alternative page.


Oh, the code needs a spiders.txt file, if your shop is off the main directory, you'll need to change the include(shopdirectory/includes/spider.txt)



we're all in this together.....

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