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Credit card type does not match the number you have entered

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It doesn't match because the dropdown box to select a CC type is blank. I accidentally shut down the authorize.net module. I tried to reinstall it, but now my dropdown box for the credit card type is blank when I enter my username and my transaction key. If I don't enter those things and leave the fields as "your login name" & "your transaction key" then the dropdown box will say mastercard and visa, but when I run the transaction I get this error "The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive." If I could just get this module running again, my world would be copasetic. It might be as simple as missing some info in certain fields, below is a rundown of what i have entered. I don't really know much about this stuff, I'm trying to help my brother while he's away, so please help me. If it's the cURL, I need pointed in the right direction to know where/how to discover this information.


Credit Card Test Info:


CC#: 4111111111111111

Expiry: Any


Enable Authorize.net Module



Login Username

Your Login Name


Login Transaction Key

Your Transaction Key


cURL Setup

Not Compiled


cURL Path

The Path To cURL


Transaction Mode



Transaction Method

Credit Card


Processing Mode

Authorize And Capture


Sort Order Of Display



Customer Notifications



Accepted Credit Cards

Mastercard, Visa


Authorizenet - Payment Zone



Authorizenet - Set Order Status



Enable CCV code


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