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Contest 1.2

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I have successfully installed this contribution, but have a few problems:


1) When my customers enter the contest.. after they have submitted their information and click the "continue" button (IMAGE_BUTTON_SUBMIT) it directs them back to mystore/os_commerce/enter_contest.php which makes them think they have not been entered.. and it will draw them in a circle from there on in. It does in fact enter them in the contest though.....

...... so How do I change the path of the submit button to go to mystore/os_commerce/contest.php


2) My admin section does not show any of the admin/contest.php, admin/prizes.php, or admin popup_products.php. I can manually enter these addresses and the pages work fine.. but it doesn't show int he admin


3) Is there anyway, so that the customers don't see the names of the other entries?

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