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Add Extended Warranties Option - New Module

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I am pleased to announce the release of our latest add-on module, e-Warranty, the Internet's first web-based warranty system designed to partner with osCommerce shopping cart.


This module fills a huge demand by empowering on-line retail web sites with the ability to resell extended service plans at checkout. More and more retailers are realizing the substantial income extended service plans have to offer. In fact, the largest growth in the warranty market has come from the Internet and we feel that the timing is perfect for our modules release.


Furthermore, this module focuses on processing extended service contracts between the store owner and the underwriting service company. Additionally, it eliminates tedious manual processes presently used to add the warranty option to product web pages by automatically inserting the warranty option to qualified product web pages by matching product categories. In fact, according to product test results, this module successfully added the warranty option in less than 30-seconds on a web site with 4,300 products! So there is no sitting and coding one product at a time. There is also the option to manually add the warranty option to products simply by selecting the warranty category that best matches the product category within the shopping carts' catalog manager.


In addition to its automation features it serves as a powerful revenue engine by enabling end-users (store owners) to capitalize on the sale of extended service plans, which is becoming a popular cross-sell item. On average store owners can earn an additional $15.00 + per warranty sale and the commission is payable at the time of sale. As a result, there's no waiting for commission checks.


Your must register in order to activate/enable the module, but there are no set up or monthly fee. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.


ATTENTION DEVELOPERS! Lucrative distributor program available. Please contact me for more information and I'll put you in contact with the warranty company directly.


Enjoy! http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6008

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On the right:

This module is installed Status ok


Dealer Id


Dealer Key




Editing a product in categories.php


Extended Warranty - Shipsensation.com

Category: Extended Warranty

Warranty Products No product fount with this condition

Product_model Your Cost Cost to Consumer Your Profit

Enable eWarranty for this product ok


I dont know exactly how this works.

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