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Sudden Paypal stopped working (direct payment and express checkout)

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Our store sales dropped off drastically in the last two days (down about 80% but was still working). However, as of night a customer emailed me with a current problem that once you press confirm the "catalog/checkout_process.php" reports a forbidden page "You do not have permission to access this document.". I have also tried a Paypal express and that did not work directing to an irregular paypal page. This was interesting, I typically use this url http://www.paypaldeveloper.com/blog?blog.id=mts_updates to verify paypal live status and it appear this is reporting the same "forbidden" message.



As I was typing this we did receive an order :) , noticing it was form overseas (different paypal server?) so I went back to check the above and the direct CC payment still does not work :( but the paypal express does :).


Being our sales dropped off suddenly I am thinking this is an intermittent large problem, I hope this is just a paypal api issue that will be corrected shortly. Wouldn't be nice for paypal to have a live staus / reporting forum?


Anybody have this issue or comments to add?

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