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Ok, I am frustrated and really could use PayPal assistance

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I installed the latest OSCommerce with the PAYPAL module. I naturally assumed this would work. I have had nothing but problems with 3 customers now, and there is so much stuff to comb through that 8 hours and 3 days later I still am no closer to a solution. I have posted with legitimate questions and get no response. I am getting phone calls from my clients late at night when they get an order that has no products listed and they are furious with me. I want to get this fixed and because in the past when I installed OSCommerce and used their included modules, things worked flawlessly. Is there someone who can answer my questions? Anyone? I am trying to be diplomatic and politically correct, but I am tired of being bombarded by angry clients.


The question....Do I uninstall the existing PayPal module and add the PayPal IPN from 5-8-08 in the contributions? Or do I just update the site by adding the ext folder and the paypal_ipn.php files? Do I remove anything? The instructions are not clear as to whether this is a replacement or an add-on to the existing module that is already present when I installed OSCommerce 2.2 MS2.


Is there anything that actually DOES work? I am ONLY using PayPal (US) for payment and UPS for shipping.


Thank you again for any assistance.

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use Paypal standard module that comes with rc2 version of Paypal.


Set itemized and not aggregate.


This should take care.


Also let Me know what version of paypal presently in use.



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I have OSC 2.2 rc2a, with the PayPal Website Payments Standard module installed. I may be missing something, but I don't see a setting for itemized/aggregate.


I've seen this mentioned in at least two other threads when the PayPal Standard module is only passing the store name & total amount to PayPal - so if it's really that simple a fix, please give just one more clue as to where the itemized/aggregate setting is to be found.


Thanks for your patience in leading me down the correct path!

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