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Display available colors based on sizes contribution?

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I am looking for a contribution or any help.


I'm trying to have the following working: I have some items that have several sizes and each size has several different colors.

Lets say small shirt available in white, blue, red

and same shirt medium size available in blue, red


i want for customers to select the size from drop down list

and then based on the size the available colors will be displayed in another drop down list to select from.

If customer selects from drop down Small size -> white, blue, red will be available in the next drop down list.

If customer selects from drop down Medium size -> blue, red will be available only.


i found example of this here: http://www.all3sports.com/product_info.php...5e9af2d008ffd52

scroll down to see the drop down lists


Does anyone know of available contribution to make this?


Thank you for you help.

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