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No payment success page with Authorize.net

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My problem is that upon installing and configuring Authorize.net for oscommerce, we went through the payment process (including logging in as a customer, which is necessary), and were able to get all the way through to submitting the order. Once the submit happened, it took us to the page that asks you to log in as a customer. When we checked the authorize.net account and bank account, the payment had definitely gone through. The customer account that we created to test it even got an email automatically that said that the order had been placed. It's just that there was no confirmation page when processing the order on the website, and it takes you to the login screen, that would most likely lead a customer to believe that the order didn't go through, and we would obviously like to keep the customer from making multiple payments.


So, anyone who has insight, we would appreciate it. Thanks!!!

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I have solved my particular authorize.net problem.


I ended up finding this post by "gary" of sparkandfuel.com:




He gives a link to an Authorize.net AIM contribution that I installed, and then I followed his instructions on the changes to make within the actual user's authorize.net account, which included setting BOTH the Receipt/Relay URLs to the same address [https://yoursecuredomainaddress.com/.../checkout_process.php (not checkout_submit!)] and then making sure the Delimited Response settings in the authorize.net account were set properly.


I also found another post here by "Daria":




She actually links to the above post in her post, but the most valuable piece of information I got from her post was at the very bottom. She says she "put the API Login ID instead of the User Login, and it worked." The API Login ID is also found in the merchant's authorize.net web account.


Installing that contrib and making the necessary changes to the merchant's authorize.net account got it up and running just fine. The customer and merchant get automatic email notifications, the payment shows up in the authorize.net account, and the order shows up in the store admin.


Hope that helps you out as well!

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