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Repetitive order / Subscription

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having browsed all Contributions and Add-ons and having searched the forum, I haven't found I was looking for so maybe somebody can help me out here.....


For my new F&B fmcg store I'm looking for an option to offer my customers the choice to have the same order content automatically repeated every certain time period. Or defined otherwise, a subscription to a combination of products and quantities.


In practice I expect the following: Customer puts 2x Product A and 3x Product B in cart, goes to check-out and has the option there to select "repeat my order every X months and do this Y times". X is a combo to choose 1-2-3-4-5-6 Month periods, Y is the number of repetitions.

If the option for repetition is chosen, the only payment options then are A: pay for the entire number of orders or B: use automatic debiting after each time an order is sent.


As solution I could imagine that in the back-end some sort of scheduler is used that clones the original order to a new one on the right date.


The Big Question then is: does something like this already exist and if so where can I find it.


If it doesn't exist, how would I be able to find more people interested in this (can't imagine I'm the only one here) and how to find a clever guy or girl who goes out and try to build something as such?

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