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Paypal IPN surcharge WITH Display?

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I could not get the paypal fee to from the "Paypal Fee" module to pass through to Paypal, and I COULD get the paypal IPN with fee module to pass the fee, however this would not display the fee in order totals, so I combined the two with great results.


Simply combine the Paypal_IPN Module with Fee (osCommerce-PayPal_IPN_with_fee) and The "Paypal Fee" modules

Install them both, then set the "Fee" under "Payment modules -> Paypal IPN with fee" to 1.0 and the "Fee" under Order_total modules to what ever you like (2.5%) or whatever.


Make sure you set the sort order for the Order total paypal fee module to a value just before the "Total" module Ie if Total is set to 5, then set Paypal Fee to 4.


Now the fee is displayed correctly in your checkout confirmation page AND it's passed through to paypal.


Cheers to those who made the contribs, while none worked well for me, they both work together nicely.



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Hi Dan


can you please add the precise numbers of the contributions you used?


Would be of great help to get the right ones :rolleyes:.




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