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Advanced Purchase Tickets for events

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Hi all, I was hoping to find a contrib that would allow customers/guests to purchase tickets for an event, such as a concert or dinner, and pay for them via paypal or any other method accepted.

This contrib would generate a ticket id # and place this id and maybe some other information about the customer on a html based template. Hopefully there would be a way to keep a list of these tickets so that the ticket number can be crossed out at the event when it is used (this would help to minimize the chance of photocopying the coupon to get in free).


Any Ideas or help would be appreciated.

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Maybe it would be possible to change the gift certificate / gift voucher contrib to fit this purpose.

The contrib I need would be like buying a $5.00 Gift Voucher, but this voucher would have no redemption value in the store.


Any Ideas or help is appreciated.

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