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Rush Fee

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I am looking for a contribution which will allow for an optional rush processing fee. It would be most appropriate to have this option in the checkout or shopping cart area of my store, as it is to be added only once to the order total. This is not a rush shipping fee, but rather an option to reduce the 7-10 day processing time (I work for a manufacturer with little backstock) to 1-3 days. There must be a contribution similar to this already in existence, but I could not find it. Any recomendations would be appreciated.

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I have looked and looked for this too, and found the easiest way so far is to add a Rush My Order as a product ( I found some cheesy picture of a shopping cart to display) and put it on the front page. Once the customer clicks on it, it will explain the process, here is what ours says:


Rush My Order!! In a hurry to get your order? Just add Rush My Order! to your shopping cart and we will make sure your order gets processed and shipped out same day! (Orders must be placed before 2pm Mountain Standard Time to be shipped same day. If your order is placed after this time, it will ship the next business day.)


*Please note, this is for processing times only! Shipping options are additional. This excludes personalized items!



It's worked really well for us!! Hope this helps :)


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