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I'm generally stuck, confused and desperate!

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Hi all.


I'm in real need of assistance.


I have the following issues:


1. I am working for my other half and she's the worst boss in the world and has no idea about anything computer related.

2. The shop is going live on Monday (in two days) and the idea is to ship just about anywhere.

3. We have haggled rates with DHL for shipping and I should supposedly be able to integrate their system through the API (I think it's ready to go and just awaiting some codes). The issue is that the codes should arrive on Monday morning at the same time as the shop should open. Any problems shall, of course, be my fault!

4. The following:


Suddenly I have been presented with something that I really don't know how to do. The DHL system should calculate the rates for each order for me and that should be great (if I haven't missed something and it's not going to work). BUT... my "better half" has suddenly decided that it is of the utmost importance that each country should have a certain order total at which the shipping is free.


So, I really need to be using the DHL system with the module I have installed but I have no idea how to simply not apply any shipping fees if a certain amount is reached for a particular zone. It would be one hell of a job to do this all as table rates (at least I think it would!) and, anyway, it would have to be based on zone and weight up until a certain price and that doesn0t seem to be configurable with, for example, Zone Rates.


I've been looking around and I've only found this as part of other shipping modules. For example, the Zone Rate module allows you to do it but I don't know what would happen if I just included the minimum order for free shipping in each zone in that module as well as having the DHL module active.


Would the Zone Rates module only show up if the zone and minimum order are appropriate? and, if that is the case, Will the DHL module still show up but the Zone Rates would be selected as "best option" by default???


Thank you, thank you, thank you for any guidance you could give me! (and sorry if I'm sounding too much like a "noob"! I've been doing codey, programming stuff until now and the configuration options have got me beat!)


Of course, I'm also open to any other suggestions for shipping options that would meet our requirements. I saw something called e-Shipper that looks interesting but I don't know if it would work for us as we are based in Madrid, Spain.


Joseph - http://www.naiadomare.com

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