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XML CDATA and some other suggestions

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Might be a good idea to encapsulate title, description, and category and category items to take care of the "&"s and "<"s


	echo "<title><![CDATA[$headline]]></title>\n";
	echo "<pubDate>$date</pubDate>\n";
	echo "<description><![CDATA[$content]]></description>\n";
	echo "<category><![CDATA[$article_topic]]></category>\n";


Also, if you're like me who utilizes Articles head desc. field for your SEO, you can use that field instead of regular description...


		//$content_1 = substr($content_rec['articles_description'], 0, 200);
	$content_1 = substr($content_rec['articles_head_desc_tag'], 0, 200);


Sorry for not specifying the exact lines. If you cant figure out how to find and replace the code.. you shouldnt be touching it :rolleyes:


- G

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