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Add Product bug ..

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Hi There,


I installed this contrib and think its INCREDIBLE! 99% working as designed but found a small bug (at least, I'm quite sure its a but) and I dont know how to fix. Hoping someone may have a clue.


Basically, I am able to use the "Add Product" function with *most* products in my store - but not all. I have some products in my product catalog with single quote in it that seems to be causing the problem.


For example, if the product name is:


Bobs Can Opener


...the "Add Product" function works fine and the item is added successfully to the order after a page refresh.


If the product Name is:


Bob's Can Opener


..then I get confirmation messages that the product has been added, but upon refresh, the order does not change.


I can play with this back and forth confirming that it is the apostrophe that's causing the problem by editing the product name in my catalog.


Can anyone help with this?


Thank You


Paul (Wonton)

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