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Online Home Party Tracking? Affiliate Module? Which to use!?!

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My wife is going to start offering "online home parties" with her online store where someone will sign up to "host" a party. They will invite their friends to the online party which will last for two weeks. The "host" will give their friends a code to use upon checkout. (or I guess they could give their friends a simple url to use such as www.website.com/shoppingcart/hostname). When their friend purchases a product and uses the given code (or URL...whichever we decide on using)....the "host" will get credit for that sale. We will then give the "host" credit for merchandise based on the below scale:


If their two week party has sales (before taxes/shipping) of:

$200 - $499 = They will get $50 in free merchandise

$500 - $999 = They will get 15% of their total sales in free merchandise

$1,000 and up = They will get 20% of their total sales in free merchandise


Would the affiliate contribution handle this?


I just want something that will keep track of the codes and how much the sales are for that code. I would also love for the "host" to be able to login to an account to see how much they have sold so far.


Ideas? Thoughts?


Thanks for your time!

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someone said that the normal affiliate module should do this, but I am not sure. I will play around with it more, but if you can shed some light on this issue....please do. Thanks!

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