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Order Check problem

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i've installed this order check contribution:http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1168 (v 2.5.1c)



It works ok, but not with the Realax payment which i have installed on my site

after confirm order page i have a new record in holding orders table added properly but also i have this error on the relax peyment side


Please contact the merchant whose goods or services you are purchasing and give the error message below.

Error 505

You cannot use this service from there

[http://www.MyDomainHere.com/checkout_payment_ext.php?osCsid=d4627a6e64f49f14cabe151b6e14bbaa]. Please contact the merchant.


What can be wrong? Realax payment worked before this ordercheck contribution.

I have also PayPal payment and it works fine with with OrderCheck.


thanks for help in advance

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