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Authorize.net / credit card is not in my check out payment module

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I have Online Merchant v2.2 rc2 and I installed the built in AIM in the admin but my website is not showing any credit card payment module.


Anybody ca share something.

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Special thanks to Dana for all the information that you shared.


For those who still wondering why AIM seems to be not working and it does'nt appear in your check out payment module is because it is in the test mode from your OS admin. Leave your a.net in test mode and OS admin live. Make sure all information is correct such as log in and trans key.

by just doing this you will see the A.net payment method on your payment method.


with the OS ver listed above you do not need to download anything form contribution except addons. just simply install it from AS admin & payment mudule and follow the above suggestion.


This information was really simple but I wasted few days looking for an answer why there was no a.net payment method on my Site.

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