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Shadowbox For Product_Info.php

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Hi guys,


Is anyone knows why it doesn't work with Opera 9.64 and firefox 3.0.11 ???

I know about IE 7... so i changed the code and everything 's great now... buit still a problem with opera and firefox.

(By the way it is not the same problem than with IE )


The problem is that we can't open the picture.


google chrome 2.0 ok

IE 7 ok

Opera 9.64 ==> not ok

Firefox 3.0 ==> not ok


someone for help ?




ok i found a part of the problem ...


You need to download the mediaplayer plugin for opera et firefox ...


But still have a problem with opera ... the video doesn't play...

the shadowbox open but don't find the video .... it just stay black


Any idea ???


IE ok

Firefox ok

Chrome ok

Opera ==> not ok

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Any resolution to Dynamenu and Shadowbox conflict. It happens when I choose Vertical Flyout menu type ($menu_type = 1;). Tree type produces shadowbox effects without any problems. I think it must be something relating to frames.

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hi, great work,

how i can use drag option for image? lookin on



i see this


<script type="text/javascript">

Shadowbox.init({ handleOversize: "drag" });



but not work, only resize the image not drag.


how i can do it?



and where i can change some options? example border? background under text, etc etc

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i solved my problem, i ask some, i have installed Actual Attribute Price v1.7 and works fine, but now after shadowbox, if i see a product wihtout options see price, if products have options i not see price, when i change option price see and updated, how i can fix it? and also in product_info.php and other with shadowbox installed i have problem with categories, normal page align in left and in these page align in center.

Edited by thenexgen

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i solved my problem, now i ask why in product_info.php my css style its different from rest of website. how i can fix it?

Would be nice if you could say how you solved all this issues

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Here's the fix for the IE7 positioning bug when in quirks mode "default osc doc-type" with this fix you will no longer need to change your doc-type as instructed to by the installation instructions.


The following was found here: http://www.nabble.com/IE7-Quirks-mode-fix-td16300088.html


Here are some changes to enable shadowbox to display content for IE7 in Quirks mode.

The fix does 2 things:

a.) it adds simulated vertical fixed positioning for IE7 (Quirks mode)

b.) it adds simulated horizontal fixed positioning for both IE6 (Quirks and Standard mode) and IE7 (Quirks mode)


Please note! : the changes below have NOT been comprehensively tested against all possible media types, or all possible configuration options - they work for my own immediate needs, which is inline display of HTML content. It is not perfect - IE6 still jumps from its initial resize position to its new position with scroll accounted for, but to solve that requires moving the scroll calculations around it bit more.



With reference to the current (at the time of writing) version of shadowbox (SVN version 75 2008-02-21):


line 618(ish)...


//Wizzud...(IE7 in quirks mode also requires absolute positioning instead of fixed)

// var absolute_pos = isIE && !isIE7;

var absolute_pos = isIE && (!isIE7 || !isStrict);


line 1637(ish) in centerVertically function...


//Wizzud...(IE7 quirks mode)

// var scroll = document.documentElement.;

var scroll = document.documentElement.scrollTop || document.body.scrollTop;

var s_top = scroll + Math.round((SL.getViewportHeight() - (shadowbox.offsetHeight || 0)) / 2);

SL.setStyle(shadowbox, 'top', s_top + 'px');

//Wizzud...(centre IE horizontally)

SL.setStyle(shadowbox, 'left', (document.documentElement.scrollLeft || document.body.scrollLeft) + 'px');


line 1677(ish) in adjustHeight function...


//Wizzud...(IE7 quirks mode)

// top += document.documentElement.scrollTop;

top += document.documentElement.scrollTop || document.body.scrollTop;



Just wanted to say thanks you rock!! I struggled with this all day and decided to look here and found your solution, wish I looked here first... Thanks!!

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