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Possibly this has been pointed out already.   Installing using the Install_Admin.txt instructions for 2.3 and on, categories.php failed.  The reason I discovered is that a modification for that file labeled as "around line 771" instructs one to find a piece of code beginning <?php and replace it with code without such an opening php.    

I am hoping to install this in a an upgrade to oscommerce which I hope should be functional.    Am I right to expect this to work OK?  

(And yes, I am aware of the community edition but for several reasons I want to do this upgrade first.) 

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You are correct about the instructions. It should also include the <?php. Thank you for mentioning it. The addon works in any version of oscommerce but the instruction files, except for the BS ones,  may not be complete since I don't have the time to run through installations for older versions of oscommerce. However, the changed files that are included are accurate so you can use a program like WinMerge to look at the differences.

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