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Authorize.net Cannot Connect to server, check cURL and server settings

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I have been at this for 2 days now. I have been consulting with CRE support since I am running the Pro version of their software. Basically, the supplied Auth.net module is not working for me. Originally I thought it could be the curl directory. I tried every possible combination and turns out I had it on there right the first time. After some more messing around and a day later with CRE support they tell me the reason it wont work is because I did not have OpenSSL compiled. So, I recompile with that option, change nothing else and then my secure.domain.com stops working entirely. I reinstall the SSL cert and this solves that problem, again though, same error "The server cannot connect to Authorize.net. Please check your cURL and server settings."


I am wondering if there is anything else I might need for this to work? I have config settings listed here hyperformanceparts.com/phpinfo.php


OpenSSL seems to be working, along with an up to date verion of curl. Is there anything else it could be?


Maybe iptables firewall is blocking connection?

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