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UK - Secure Trading Module Required

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I have since discovered that the spider session settings in the configuration can cause a problem. If you tell oscommerce not to allow spider sessions the callback stops working, it must be assuming callback is some kind of spider session and blocking it


Go to config/sessions and make sure "prevent spider sessions" is set to false.


G :)

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I just got this working on a site I am developing. Some advice of my own, as it wasn't straightforward for me either. IF you read this entire thread, and IF you read all the documents that come with the ST Ability contribution and IF you read the callback notes on the SecueTrading website, I think you will be fine. I needed one call to the ST helpdesk and the guy there spotted the hidden value for oscsid on the form.html missing, and vola, everything now works as it should.


Good luck. I have been using ST for many years now (using their more advanced XPay system) and they give a really personal service (even met some of them at Internet World). It would be nice one day to develop an XPay module for osCommerce, but for now the ST Ability contribution does work well, despite us having the odd glitch in getting it up and running but its worth it to deal with ST who are UK based and actually answer the phone without all that "press 1 for... press 2 for..."



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