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Shifting All Customer Groups and Pricing to New Group Numbers

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I want to add a new customer group called "Uncatagorized" which would be the new default (0). All the prices for this group would will be "$0.00".


So the way it is now:


Retail & Default (customer group 0)

Wholesale Level 1 (customer group 1)

Wholesale Level 2 (customer group 2)


Would end up like this:


Uncategorized (customer group 0)

Retail (customer group 1)

Wholesale Level 1 (customer group 2)

Wholesale Level 2 (customer group 3)


So what I need to do is shift all the customer groups and associated product pricing up one and insert the new group at the bottom without screwing up the current pricing table or the current customer groups that exist right now.


I realize this will take some kind of fancy SQL statement (or a series of them) but right now I can't get my head around the logic. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.


Edit: I thought I was posting this in the SPPC thread but apparently I wasn't. So this question only pertains to SPPC.

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