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adding field to EP v2.76f surfalot

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I had to update my previous version of EP (2.76c) as it quit working with the 1136 error starting all of a sudden and I could not seem to fix, updated to surfalots v2.76f and it works great but I need to add one custom product field (already exists in the tables) to the EP file. I did this with the old version no problem but 2.76f appears to use far more code in the file and I don't want to miss any lines as after a search in this forum I've read a couple posts saying old instructions for adding fields don't work now. So far I have mapped the following lines from the old easypopulate.php to the new one:


old line 1005 to new line 1491

old line 1320 to new line 1956

old line 1705 to new line 2385

old line 1741 to new line 2409 or close by

old line 1776 to new line 2456 or close by


also line 373 in the new file appears to list all default fields I assume I also add mine to this.


anyone able to confirm these are all that required to add fields? I've been reading forums for 2 days without finding anything concrete to work with. I don't use product attributes at all and don't intend to and chose this version of EP because it seems supported AND stable. I don't want to add any other contribs like product extra fields as there is only 1 custom field and modding ep seems far more logical than adding another contrib. Any direction with this much appreciated - thanks!

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