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Website feedback::Contribution download size ?

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Hi all,

I've been using OSC for about one week and am really enjoying it !


Would it not be useful for website users (read those on dial-up ;)

if the filesize of the contributions was indicated next to the name ?


Also since most people are used to large files , the size should be given in K or MB rounded .


700K rather than 693,022


I believe it would be easier on the eye !


Also as web interfaces should give users a familiar experience

(which makes them easy to use), why not have an extensions link on the main page which links to the contributions ?


Since contributions sound like additions made by users

rather than core members (who we expect to write great plug-ins )


Although some non-team members will write great contributions !


so plug-ins = extensions = osc contributions


maybe a box on the home page with the following text:


Plug-ins [/size]

Extend the functionality of OSCommerce .

Browse the contributions made by both developers

and users of OSCommerce.

Click here to visit the contributions page




Special Effects / 3d + Flash

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I can't answer your other questions but, contributions available for download here are limited to 300K maximum.



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