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Problem with USPS modual. Epress stopped working, now its GXG Envolopes?

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I use express shipping threw the post office for international shipments. Recently, its stopped working. It no longer displayes express mail prices and now no longer says express mail. Now is says GXG Envolopes and the prices are HIGH...


Any thoughts?

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I found that by playing with the fallowing, I can get things changed but the price quotes don't seem to match the services... Did something change?








Use the following array to specify which international service types to include for international shipping




$this->intl_types = array(

'0' => 'Global Express Guaranteed Document Service',

'1' => 'Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Service',

'2' => 'Global Express Mail (EMS)',

'3' => 'Airmail Parcel Post',

'4' => 'Economy (Surface) Parcel Post'

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