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Hi all,


I'm a completely new to this since Feb., but slowly learning and I would like to add a gift certificate option. I see a number of possible options, and would like some real world opinions on how they are working or if you'd suggest one vs another for ease of use for a newbie.


Gift Certificates Module 2.2 28 Jan 2008

  • For example: this module requires: ImageMagick and ps2pdf to process the downloadable images of the gift certificates; email addresses for recipients. I host through LP, and don't believe either of these options are installed in my account, I do not know what I would need to do to 'upload' the script/db/program to be able to use these in my osC cart?

Gift Voucher Creator & Reporter Tool 2.2 24 Oct 2007


Account Balance (gift certificate redemption) 2.2 30 May 2007


Gift Ideas Module 2.2 12 Oct 2006


Gift Certificates - Generic 2.2 22 Nov 2003


Gift Certificate Images



Thank you,


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Add me to the list of ppl looking for a gift certificate option. I want to sell gift certificates at my shows that would be redeemable on my website store at checkout for my customers....thanks!

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