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GC error message only when customer logged out

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I've recently installed the Google Checkout mod ...and have come

across a problem. On the shopping_cart.php page i get this error

message above the google checkout button:



Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #1 is not an

array in C:\wamp\www\catalog\includes\classes\order.php on line 160



I have seen one mention of this error message in an old post on this

forum. I don't think the problem was resolved. The exact same error

message also appears above the google checkout button on the login.php

page. Interestingly, once a customer is logged in the error message no

longer appears.



I have the PWA (Pay Without Account) contribution installed, which

according to other advice shouldn't conflict with the Google Checkout

Mod. However, the last line of the following code from order.php is

line 160 (which is apparently causing the problem):



$address = array_merge($country,

array('customers_firstname' =>


'customers_lastname' =>


'entry_firstname' =>


'entry_lastname' =>


'customers_telephone' =>


'customers_email_address' =>


'entry_company' =>



'entry_street_address' =>


'entry_suburb' =>


'entry_postcode' =>


'entry_city' =>


'entry_zone_id' =>


'countries_id' =>


'entry_country_id' =>


'entry_state' =>




It would seem that this section of code has been altered by the PWA

contribution ...so i can only imagine that PWA is in some way causing

the problem.



If anyone has any advice on how i may solve this problem i would be

very grateful.





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So i've played around with the code a little and i've managed to stop the error message appearing. I changed the beginning of the order.php code from:


$address = array_merge($country,

array('customers_firstname' =>




$address = array_merge(array($country),

array('customers_firstname' =>


this has got rid of the error message and I don't think it has caused any problems. Please tell me if I am making a huge mistage by changing the code in this way! I am not a programmer ...i just looked at the error message that appeared and tried to do something logical in response!




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