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Making additional future charges?

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If someone makes a partial payment for an item through the store (using the new a.net module), such as a deposit, how do you charge them for the remaining balance when the item is available?


I could think of many scenarios when this could happen:


A deposit is made on an item, with the full balance to be paid later.

A reservation fee is taken for a rental item.

A repeat customer calls you up and wants to order more products without going online.


I know that we can't save the CC number on the server. I assume that we don't ever even see the full CC number. Can we go into the merchant interface and make additional charges in the future? Or do you have to call the customer for their CC number again, or have them go to the store and purchase an item set up specifically for them?

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I have been using Authorize.net for a long time. The only way I have been able to do that is to call the customer for credit card number and process through the Virtual Terminal. The way I do this is to assure them we don't keep their sensitive information on file and in order to process the balance we need to have the credit card number again. If you word it correctly, they are thankful that you don't keep their credit card number stored somewhere, and you get a chance to make personal contact with a customer, which is just not done much anymore. You would not believe how it impresses!

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