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[Contribution] Imagecheck v1.2

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Imagecheck V1.2 checks that your product images exist on the server. It checks the entire product table and displays the missing images' product name and model plus a link to edit the product so you can fix your paths or upload the missing images.


Improvements to v1.2:

- Now part of the Admin (It will show up in the Admin under Tools).


NOTE: This version ONLY ADDS ADMIN. There is NO NEED TO UPGRADE to 1.2 unless you want the capability of accessing it through Admin.


The current standalone version is v1.1


You can download 1.2 here:



And here is a screenshot:



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Great tool by the way.

But it does only check 8 images ?

There are around 2000 in my image folder.

Does it support all formats ? i.e: jpg, gif ...............

Or maybe this has something to do with me having multiple folders inside the image folder ?

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What I got was:


Matching images against the following directory:c:/program files/easyphp1-7/www/catalog/images/

If this is not the correct path to your image directory please change it in this script.


You are missing 0 images.

8 images were checked


That seems rather strange since I have over 1500 images.

Edited by gauji

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