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Conversion from Paypal WPP to Authorize.net

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I am trying to convert to Authorize.net from Paypal WPP. I have approached this two ways:


First I just installed the A.net module and tried running both payment options at the same time. When that didn't work I went through every file Paypal WPP touches and stripped out the code. Both attempts were unsuccessful with the same exact results.


The problem:


When I go through the checkout process and enter my CC info on the payment _info page, I am sent to the confirmation page. When I click confirm/continue. I am brought back to the payment information page. no error messages or anything. There is however contradictory information in the address bar. Something like ; error&transaction approved, there was a problem.... not in those exact words.


Heres the odd part. The transaction is approved and CC is charged. However, nothing is recored in admin as an order being made. Seems like Osc is not understanding the response from A.net. Has anyone had this problem that they were able to fix? I have tried every single Authorize.net AIM module out there. Could it be an incorrect setting in my A.net account?


I have spent over 10 hours this weekend trying to sort this out. I would really appreciate any help anyone can provide. Its got to be something very simple. Especially since my server is communicating with A.net at least one way (the info post to A.net).

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