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Individual Shipping / PWA

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Hey guys,


Ive been running my site with Individual shipping costs for quite some time now, and it all works fine... This morning I tried to install Purchase without account, but I am given this problem when I continue to purchase.


The line in "catalog/includes/classes/shipping.php" which recalls the individual shipping cost, and displays it for the customer:


$shiptotal = $cart->get_shiptotal();


Is creating this problem:


Fatal error: Call to undefined method shoppingCart::get_shiptotal() in /home/t/h/thompsons/public_html/includes/classes/shipping.php on line 20


Does anyone know the solution to this problem?



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The Fatal Error - shows up on /checkout_shipping.php





hi sam.


check for a function in the file shopping_cart.php in the includes/classes folder. The error is due to that.. osc engine is trying to calcualte the shipping cost using one of the modules. that module code has the function call. check the module install and check it you had done everything correctly. if you dont know which one, disable-enable each and try to trace out.




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