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Drawing a graphic based on product info page

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I was wondering if it was possible to draw a specific graphic which I've created on the right hand side of my page depending on which product info page I'm on.


For example, if the path to the product info page is:




Would I be able to write a simple if/else statement or a case statement that simply says:


if cPath=21&products_id=28


draw image product28_options.jpg


Is this at all possible?


Thanks for any help!

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I've got it to work:



	switch ($product_info['products_id'])
	case 28:
	echo "28";

	case 29:
	echo "29";



However, can I draw an individual graphic above the drop down product attributes without repeating the numbers 28 or 29? It seems to loop and re-write the statement.....

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