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I have searched for Swedish translation for osc2.2.

I found someone who had done it but he didnt seem to wanna share it :(


I am now almost finished with my own translation ....that I want to share with others, and wonder:

How does it usally work?

Do I put a link to a zipped file with my swe language pack here on the forum for yall to dl?

Or shall I mail it for rewiev to someone?




I plan to write something smart down here.....

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Hi Andreas! I'm looking for a translation in swedish myself but it's real hard to find!


Now I'm not much of a help since I don't know PHP and is also a beginner at osCommerce. But still, I learn something new all the time and every day working on my osCom store. As soon as I can contribute to A N Y TH I N G, I will!


You said you were working on a translation and was going to share it when it was done. I haven't found anything yet searhing this forum so I presume that it isn't ready yet? But when you are could you please PM me about it? Or at least put a thread about it in this contribution forum? I have no answer to your question I'm afraid.

I have also searhed the swedish counterpart - www.oscommerce.mine.nu - but without results.


Kind of strange that a translation into our language is lacking (or rather missing) when there seems to be loads of norwegian, finnish and danish translations, don't you think? :blink:


Thank you!




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