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Error in order_total.php

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I installed the Country State Selector in anticipation of installing Florida County Based Tax Zones for OSC 2.2 MS2.


I received one error in the admin/customers.php where there was an extra bracket:

$processed = true;

// +Country-State Selector

} else if ($refresh == 'true') {

$cInfo = new objectInfo($HTTP_POST_VARS);


// -Country-State Selector


I commented out the extra bracket and the error went away.


I also have this error which I have not been able to resove:


"Cannot redeclare class order_total in /home/creative/public_html/includes/classes/order_total.php on line 13"

I tried adding a new test customer to see if it had anything to do with your cautionary notes, but no change. I still get the error with a new customer.

Can anyone help? I can't install my tax rates until this is resolved.

Thanks so much,

Carol Ann

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