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USPS Method v2.1

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(Bug fix release)





This allows a site owner to choose which international and domestic USPS

shipping methods will be available to the customer. Settings can be changed in

the admin interface under Modules->Shipping->United States Postal Service.


For example, if you select "Express" and "Priority", then a customer will only

be shown those two options for USPS shipping.


USPSMethods also allows you to choose whether to display the package weight and

transit times (service standards).


IMPORTANT NOTE: These diffs include a fix for bug 830 (USPS Module intl quote

always reverts to Global Express) which at the time of writing has been

submitted but not approved.


Questions or comments to brad@wcubed.net.



Changes since v2.0



* Fixed a major bug that halted the installation process.

* Fixed minor bug that complained about a variable type when the destination

country was international.

* Added the new files to the contrib in addition to the diffs to retain others'

sanity as well. Another one of Fritz's insightful suggestions.



Changes since v1.1



* Changed to a patch-based install to keep my sanity.

* Added international services support (More thanks go to Fritz Clapp).

* Added options to enable/disable weight and transit time display.


Changes since v1.0



* Adjusted code to reflect usps.php module in CVS.

* Added required SQL to install() function in usps.php (step 7).


Thanks to Fritz Clapp (zzfritz) for both.

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