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Worldpay Callback

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Hi, sorry mods if this is in the wrong section but i've tried posting elsewhere and dont get responses


I installed the worldpay mod and payments are working fine problem I have is that customers do not get redirected to my site no order is logged in OC admin and callback email is not recieved.


I've seen that alot of people have had this problem and I cant find any answers to it on the board or google, i've phoned worldpay and they say its a problem with the OC code, not at there end in that wpcallback.php file is not redirecting people to my website they say that I have the callback feature linked to my site address but not the wpcallback.php file.


Unfortunately I cant find any code containing links in wpcallback at all as you may have gathered i'm quite a newbie with online stores, so plain instructions would be great i'm kinda desperate because my shops live and i'm not getting customers orders and I really dont wanna have to take my site offline.


If anymore info is needed please just ask and if any of the old posters found an answer could you please post it up. :)

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