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Address Book Entries are shown without signing in

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Hello. I've set up 'Purchase Without Account' and I'm testing now.

When I go straight to the checkout process,

1. click 'checkout' button

2. set My Account Information --click 'continue' button

3. 'Delivery Information Shipping address' page is shown.

--click 'Change Address' button

4. a page for new shpping address is shown.

but 'Address Book Entries' are also shown in the same page

and there are some addresses which I set few days ago.

though I'm going to purchase without account!


The addresses in 'Address Book Entries' are the last data I used few days ago.

I don't know why they are shown though I logged off and I'm trying to test as a new customer.


Is there something wrong with my session?

Could anyone tell me how to fix it?




Purchase Without Account


I installed 'English typo 31 Jan 2007' and added 'PWA 0.910 account delete fix 8 Mar 2007'.

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