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Need some help with products per page etc?

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My site was created by a company that is long gone. The did some custom coding and such to allow me in a html editor to add up to 12 images per page. If I want to allow up to 16 or 20 images on a page where would I look to correct this?


Here is a sample page http://www.bigapplecard.com/2008-chase-pit-caps-p-306.html


One more question on the IE bar on this page how do I edit the text? There is a mispelling and I dont like that!



Is there a way to change the order of the ship by category on the left side of my home page:



I appreciate all help and suggestions. I am a wholesale company and os serves as a way to present my product lines and work with new and existing customers. We do not take orders online which is a good thing.



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if they have increased the number of images for you before this means they have altered the database for more pictures per product although the databse must be checked to make sure of this. after that some files need to be modified to allow the new image fields. same routine could be done to allow for more pictures however there might be an easier way for you take a look here and see if this suits you: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4612

basically you will upload the images to a specific folder on your server and then have them linked to your product description page.

good thing is no files need to be modified.


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