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Google Checkout

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I have successfully installed Google Checkout with one exception. None of the orders are showing back in OSC. The orders are processing from what I can tell since I see them in the sandbox under 'orders' section.


I see a ton of posts on this but no answers for what can fix this.


Any one have an idea on how to fix this issue?

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This will be about as useful as a chocolate teapot, but I'll give it you anyway so you know roughly where you stand:


Assuming Google Checkout works in a similar way to Paypal, once it has finished the transaction it should return a value to OSC letting it know that the transaction has been successfully completed. Obviously something is going wrong at this point and it isn't working. Perhaps your checkout procses is modified. Anyway, for Payal there are some contributions which create an order before the user is transfered off site - I'd suspect there's one for Google too. When the user comes back from Google or Paypal the order is updated to 'cleared' or whatever. Obviously you'd go into Google Checkout and check payment has gone through anyway.


I know that doesn't help you at all, but hopefully it gives you a bit of an understanding as to what's going on. Sorry!

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Here is the fix to the issue:


1) Make sure you have the google_checkout and google_orders tables in your database.


Additional testing can be done using this tool:



I don't have the two tables you've listed. How do I get them?


In my situation, the customer goes the whole way thru the process and even google charges their card lists it in their system, emails and everything. But, nothing shows up in OsC. It seems to work except for that.


2nd Question. Is SSL on my site required for this to work?



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