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404 webpage cannot be found

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I recently installed the Ultimate SEO_URL successfully. Then I tried to install a couple more modules (Quantity Price Breaks Per Product

, Get_1_free, and category_discount_mc.) The first two worked but were not exactly what I needed. I never could get category_discount to work.

I tried to install Thumbnailer on the fly, but it caused so many problems I had to go back to a previous version. So I should be back to the point of SEO_URL installation.


HOWEVER, I am still having a problem that I had prior to going back to the previous installation. I don't have any errors in the Admin section and the index.php looks fine, but when you click on any image, it returns a 404 page. The urls look fine, but it can't find the product pages. I've checked and rechecked the configure.php pages. Does anyone have any idea where to look for the source of this problem?


I also have Header Tags Controller installed and the googleSitemap files.

My URL is http://creativescrapbooksolutions.com/index.php. Any clues would be apprectiated.

Thanks so much,

Carol Ann

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Addendum to my previous question. I deleted the get_1_free table, but not the Quantity Price Breaks Per Product beacause I plan to reinstall when I resolve my problem. Is there anything in this table that would cause the product pages to be unaccessable?


Quantity Price Breaks Per Product

int(11) No auto_increment

products_quantity int(4) No 0

products_model varchar(12) Yes NULL

products_image varchar(64) Yes NULL

products_price decimal(15,4) No 0.0000

products_date_added datetime No 0000-00-00 00:00:00

products_last_modified datetime Yes NULL

products_date_available datetime Yes NULL

products_weight decimal(5,2) No 0.00

products_status tinyint(1) No 0

products_tax_class_id int(11) No 0

manufacturers_id int(11) Yes NULL

products_ordered int(11) No 0

products_price1 decimal(15,4) No 0.0000

products_price2 decimal(15,4) No 0.0000

products_price3 decimal(15,4) No 0.0000

products_price4 decimal(15,4) No 0.0000

products_price5 decimal(15,4) No 0.0000

products_price6 decimal(15,4) No 0.0000

products_price7 decimal(15,4) No 0.0000

products_price8 decimal(15,4) No 0.0000

products_price1_qty int(11) No 0

products_price2_qty int(11) No 0

products_price3_qty int(11) No 0

products_price4_qty int(11) No 0

products_price5_qty int(11) No 0

products_price6_qty int(11) No 0

products_price7_qty int(11) No 0

products_price8_qty int(11) No 0

products_qty_blocks int(11) No 1

Check All / Uncheck All With selected:


Print view Propose table structure

Add field(s)At End of Table At Beginning of Table After products_id products_quantity products_model products_image products_price products_date_added products_last_modified products_date_available products_weight products_status products_tax_class_id manufacturers_id products_ordered products_price1 products_price2 products_price3 products_price4 products_price5 products_price6 products_price7 products_price8 products_price1_qty products_price2_qty products_price3_qty products_price4_qty products_price5_qty products_price6_qty products_price7_qty products_price8_qty products_qty_blocks















Indexes: Keyname Type Cardinality Action Field

PRIMARY PRIMARY 53 products_id

idx_products_date_added INDEX None products_date_added

Create an index on columns

Space usage Type Usage

Data 7,128 B

Index 3,072 B

Total 10,200 B

Row Statistics Statements Value

Format dynamic

Rows 53

Row length ø 134

Row size ø 192 B

Next Autoindex 87

Creation Nov 18, 2007 at 03:55 PM

Last update Nov 22, 2007 at 06:12 AM

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